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"Using Borderless has helped Wessex Care streamline our sponsorship process while bringing down our legal costs. The platform provides a quick & easy way to sponsor migrant workers and gives me peace of mind that we're compliant with immigration law."
Christian Airey

Wessex Care

"Borderless has helped Lovehands grow our business by hiring internationally. Having heard horror stories of candidates being charged upwards of £10,000 to come to the UK, we wanted to make sure we're recruiting overseas ethically."
Eunice Mwale

Lovehands Care

"The obvious benefits are time savings and better management of finances. Before, if someone resigned we had to use agency to fill the gap because candidates wouldn’t arrive for months. Now, we start looking, find someone straight away and as the processing is faster with Borderless, the candidates arrive a lot sooner than we previously experienced."
Jabriel Raja

Blissful Care Homes

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